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Daniel took fifth place after a thrilling final day

The first rally in his new team, OMV Kronos Citroën, was a great success for Daniel Carlsson. Despite having a new car, new co-driver, new note reading language and a new team Daniel took fifth place in his home rally, Uddeholm Swedish Rally. The last day was characterized by a thrilling fight with Chris Atkinson – a fight that Daniel won when Chris was hit by problem.

It was a slow start on the Karlstad Super Special Stage arena during Thursday evening. After that, Daniel intensified his assault and despite having numerous small problems with gearshift, bad tyre choices, etc. Daniel got back safely to the arena and finish fifth in the rally. He is used to perform good despite lack of training, but still he is surprised by his own performance during the rally:

- I’m really satisfied with this result. I couldn’t ask for more from myself. Now, after the rally, I’ve realised the pressure I’ve been under. After last years third place the expectations on me where really high and to be able to finish fifth under those conditions in my home rally feels fantastic. The Swedish audience has been wonderful and it has been really fun to be out in the forests this weekend, says Daniel.

An extra reason to be satisfied is the fact that Daniel made all premieres in a perfect way. To do such a drive with a new car is starting to become everyday things to Daniel, but a new note language is new – even to him. But Daniel himself, he just laughs:

- Put Gronholm in the seat I’ve been with a new car, new co-driver, new language and new team – and then see what he can perform. But to be serious, it has of course been hard to get used to all new settings, but I’m really satisfied with this rally. The third place of last year may be a little bit better, but I really appreciate this performance highly. The very best thing is that this is the first rally out of six for me this season, so I shouldn’t be on top now. Instead, I’ll be on top later during the season. Already next weekend, in Norway, I’ll strike again!

Daniel is now looking forward to a weekend of small celebrations, but most of all to rest. Tomorrow, it’s time to go to Norway and in Tuesday the Rally Norway recce starts. Already next weekend, it’s time for OMV Kronos Citroën, Daniel and Denis to be competitive again in the first ever Norweigan World Rally Championship event.


2007-02-11 17:54
2007-02-11 17:54